Thursday, September 18, 2008

One or A Hundred??

I was watching the ending of 2005’s The Wedding Date this morning, starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney, when it crossed my mind whether it’s better to be with a guy who has been with a hundred women in his past or to be the first with a guy. Errmm…

In the story, Debra had to return home to attend her younger half-sister’s wedding. She hired an escort, Mulroney, because she wanted to fool everyone that she was so over her previous boyfriend, a local bloke. Along the way she began to feel something for Mulroney, and vice versa. Later she found out that the ex broke up with her because he had sex, about a million times, with Debra’s sister, the one getting married to another man (the commodore of Pirates of the Caribbean). And the ex was still in love with the sister. But all ended well, with the ex being chased away, the wedding went on as planned and Debra being madly in love with the male prostitute cum escort.

At first thought, most of us would prefer being the first which, hopefully, entails being the only one in our man’s life. But, at the back of head there’s always this thought that maybe, just maybe, he holds this secret desire to experiment with other women. You know, just to find out what they are like, to fulfill some hidden desire, or simply to put an end to those curious thoughts. And being a mere male whose life is dominated by his libido, he could intentionally or otherwise, fall victim to his primitive needs.

And to have a man who has been with a hundred women choosing you to settle down with, that’s a great compliment. Imagine, none of the hundred women managed to make him love them. But you…arghh… you are special. One in a hundred…literally.

Assuming he had safe sex with those women that is. With everything from herpes to AIDS roaming freely nowadays, if I were single, I would probably take forever to decide and end up a spinster…

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