Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hairy Matters

The school holiday has begun. Actually, it began 2 weeks ago. On the last week of school, I noted some worrisome spotting on my panties and after a visit to the doctor, I was given pills to increase my hcg level, which in turn, gave me horrible, horrible pregnancy symptoms!! Well, you have to understand that my first pregnancy was relatively smooth sailing. I didn't have headaches or feel neousous and I could eat whatever I want and go wherever I wanted to. This second pregnancy was similarly easy too for the first two months. Then the pills change all that...

Anyway, baby is safe. I will begin the routine visit to the O&G next Tuesday.

Well, I'm thinking of getting a digital perm, whatever that means. I have a weird attachment to hair salons. I mean, I don't have a headfull of amazing looking hair. I used to, when I was younger. People complemented me on my hair over everything else before I completed puberty. But somewhere in my late teen, the volume just mysteriously disappeared and I was left with this limp looking hair that is not really straight, yet not curly either. It isn't even a good wave. It's just nothing and everything in between. So in my early twenties I had a full perm that made me look like ... to put it nicely, a poodle, or to put it not so nicely, like an ah so.

Then when the new millenium materialised and rebonding was in, I had my hair rebonded. It was okay then, because I weighted around 45-48kg back then. Then I got cancer, lost all my hair and the new one turned up very curly at the beginning, giving me nightmares on afro hair for months. Then it loosened up and I was left with a nice wave, which I stupidly straightened once influenced by a hairdresser who was probably on the verge of bankruptcy!!!

Everybody hated this hair, so I had it highlighted with brownish/blondish streaks. Now I'm thinking of digital perm. My students commented that I never have the same hairstyle for more than 6 months. As I admitted earlier, my hair is definitely NOT the most pleasing attribute of my persona but this obsession with hair salons should be stopped before I lost all my hair...and be bald again...and this time, maybe for good...

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