Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Uncle Scrooge's Money

I wonder how it feels like to be filthy rich and have everything at my feet. Imagine, not having to consider the babysitter’s fee or the baby diapers and formulas when buying that obscenely expensive pair of stilettos. Not that it’s practical for me to wear a pair considering that I have to climb up three flight of stairs at least three times a day to get to class, and occasionally chase after the naughty students who love to make you run around like some kindergarten kids at the playground. But to just buy things because I fancy them, and not necessarily because they are useful to me...I really don’t mind having that vault of money Scrooge McDuck of Disney flaunts around at the intro of Duck Tales.

I know someone who was not born wealthy but made it good career wise. Even better, she married a man who’s on his way to become even wealthier than he is now. From the $50 baju kurung she used to wear, none that she owns now costs less than $150 - all silk and satin and crepe. The shoes and the handbags…everything has to be of the same colour! Sometimes I laugh at her poorly coordinated attire. Imagine fluorescent green shoes, handbag and baju kurung all at one go. From a certain angle, she kind of look like a banana tree!! At other times it was all yellow, or all blue. Worse still, they are all in the same shade!!! And don’t let me start on the sequins and Swarovskis…she strongly believes that the more the merrier- even for school, in the heat, among dusty, smelly pre-pubescent adolescents who despise taking baths.

But then again, could that be jealousy talking? Of course not! I’d never want to be mistaken for a frog…

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