Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nice People

You know, sometimes people surprise you by doing nice things. I'm one of those who don't expect favours or special treatment for whatever reason. I don't expect people to give up a seat because I'm heavily pregnant, or carry my things because because both my arms are at risk for edema after axillary clearance, or hold the door open for me because I'm a lady etc. I mean, I do what I can as long as I can do it, without favours whatever. But some people have done some nice things for me, which, I admit, makes me warm all over.

Last Friday when I was absent from school for the Dexa shots, my students called me from the school public phone.
"What time are you coming to school today?"Aminah asked.
"Not coming. I'm on leave", I told her.
"What!!! Miss, not today please. You have to come to school!" The scream was deafening.
"I can't. I'll talk to you later. Bye" and I hang up.

Seconds later, the phone rang again. This time it was Nadirah.
"Teacher, please come to school today, even for a little while", she begged.
"I can't. I really can't".
And she begged and begged but still I said no. Then on Monday when I was busy marking exercise books, Nadirah came into the computer lab and switched off all the lights. I was taken aback, but I wasn't stupid. My birthday was only a few days ago (Earth Hour, to be exact) and these kids were so elementary I could smell what was going on in seconds.

Then Aminah, Nadirah and Nasuha came in with a cake and candles from Secret Recipe, singing Happy Birthday in off key. The rest, is history.

Then on Tuesday, on my last day of school before I was ordered a rest by my gyneacologist, a collegue of mine, Indira came to wish me luck with the coming treatment. Then she told me that she and her children go to pray on the weekends and she asked if I mind them writing down my name on a piece of paper and put it at a temple to pray for my health. She's told me weeks before that she was looking for a universal prayer that she could use to pray for me. And I was touched, because we are of different religion. I told her I don't mind, that she could go ahead, because a prayer is a prayer, and it's what she believes in that counts.

And last Friday, 10th April 2009, another collegue of mine, Anis treated a bunch of us, whom are often referred to as GBS (Geng Bas Sekolah) to a lunch at Kenny Rogers at The Curve. Mek Na, K. Rozi, Indah and K. Mai ate like pigs. The lunch was for me actually, sort of a good luck with the delivery and the forthcoming treatment.

Then there are others who give me money...

This just reminds me that people can be nice sometimes...


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Salam Dik, hope u get over this challenge a better and stronger person.