Thursday, April 2, 2009

Qays Aiden

Well, that's the name I've been fighting for for my baby boy and so far I've won. It's pretty easy actually. Easier than when I tried to get Qays Shafique and Qays Aqeel approved. I just trained my daughter to say the name and repeat it to my hubby as many times as possible. Finally he agreed, but warned me not to get hysterical if the people in his hometown in Parit pronounce it as Qays Udin or Oden instead!! Qays is Arabic, meaning firm while Aiden is Gaelic, meaning little fire, or fiery little one. I think it's kind of suitable considering he'd be born premature. Just hope my hubby won't trick me and register him as Oden in favour of his native tongue. On second thought, maybe I should register him myself...

I went to see my gynae today for a detail scan. Qays is in perfect condition. His lungs and kidneys and other internal organs looked good. The blood flow seemed ok too, as did his heartbeat. He weighs approximately 1.6kg now, plus /minus 100g. The doc said it'd be nice if he could weigh at least 1.8kg at 32 weeks. Well, I'm working towards 2 kg actually. I'll deal with the excess fat later. Let's just hope chemo will help me shed some of the pounds. But looking back, that's kind of wishful thinking. I gained 8 to 10 kg after my last chemo in 2004. Darn steroids!!!

Anyway, I was forbidden from going to work beginning 8th April, was ordered some serious rest. I'll be admitted on the 14th and will have the c-sec on the 15th.

So, do pray for us my dear friends. I sure hope that this little fighter that has been busy stretching my once flat tummy post DIEP-flap to its limit, to be born strong and healthy. Then maybe I wouldn't have such a hard time dealing with (uweekk!!! Sorry, can't help myself) CHEMO!!!!

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